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NEW English Courses for Immigrants Transitioning to New Professional Careers in Canada

Integra College is launching a portfolio of new, specialized courses designed for international professionals who are looking for classes to help improve communication skills for their new careers in Canada. Courses will focus on advanced-level language skills and cultural understanding to help you prepare for licensing exams and to work effectively in professional and clinical settings. Students must already have IELTS 5.5 or higher (or CLB 6 or higher, or equivalent).

A. Exam Study-Group Facilitator Packages and B. One-on-One Learning Packages

An instructor will attend your study group to give feedback and help you avoid reinforcing errors by studying alone or with people from the same language/cultural background. Or, an instructor will meet one-on-one with you at our classroom or via online video chat for more focused feedback. These packages are offered on a pre-paid basis.

Pre-paid five, one-hour sessions with 2-4 people: $600.00/group
Pre-paid of five, one-hour one-on-one sessions: $300.00/individual

Please email Kathy Bell at to arrange for these packages.


C. Speaking with Clarity in Healthcare Settings – COMM 720

Learn how to communicate more clearly with colleagues, patients and/or clients in clinically-related contexts.  This six-week course includes drill practice, role-playing dialogues, and other confidence- and accuracy-building activities.  It covers the idiomatic language, pronunciation and cultural elements you need to become more proficient communicating as a health professional in Canada.

  • Six-week in-class course, plus one, one-hour individual video chat with instructor, plus online activities and assignments. $900.00

D. Idioms and Phrasal Verbs – Quick Intensive Module – COMM 711

In real life people don’t speak like in the university textbooks many professionals have studied. This two-week intensive course will help you deal with common idioms and verb phrases that you may encounter in professional situations, so your conversations with patients, clients and colleagues will feel more natural.

  • Two-week in-class course, plus online activities and assignments. $300.00

E. Speaking with Confidence – Intensive Module – COMM 712

High-achieving, educated professionals are often used to perfection, which can hold you back when you speak in real-life professional situations. If you find yourself holding back and staying silent to avoid making mistakes, then this course can help. You will read and discuss articles on a range of challenging themes (social, medical, ethical) to help build vocabulary, fluency, spontaneity and, most importantly, the confidence you need to build rapport, connections and trust in your new career here in Canada.

  • Four-week in-class course, plus online readings and assignments. $600.00

For details about registration, please email the course instructor, Kathy Bell, at

Before registration, please show or send in proof of English language proficiency (IELTS 5.5 or CLB 6 or higher, or equivalent, testing done within one year.)

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