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Brain Booster Conversation Leader Course

Take Your Conversations with Seniors to the Next Level

Become a Brain Booster Conversation Leader and you’ll help seniors in your community experience the social engagement they need. And by using the course’s research-based strategies, you’ll help them strengthen their cognitive health.


You are probably aware that the number of seniors struggling with loneliness and isolation is reaching epidemic levels.

With advancements in medicine, seniors are living longer, but not always better. Many seniors are without family and friends close by. Some live in residential communities, but have little in common with their fellow residents. Even when surrounded by people, it’s possible to feel lonely. The weight of loneliness and isolation is affecting not only their emotional well-being: it’s also negatively impacting their health. The missing factor for them is social and cognitive engagement.

That’s where you come in!

In the Brain Booster Conversation Course, you will learn how to facilitate engaging conversations that are more than just “friendly chats”. You will be helping your Conversation Partners strengthen their “cognitive reserve”, which is the capacity in the brain that can delay or prevent the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. You’ll also be supporting them to flourish independently.

Your senior conversation partners will find the Brain Booster Conversation sessions fun and engaging, because you’ll provide the social engagement they need and want.

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