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Integra College, officially opened in 2003 under the direction of Bob Hanley and Kathy Bell.  Committed to training high calibre practitioners to help our aging population flourish, Integra College courses address the unique needs of seniors, more specifically the Baby Boomer generation. The Age of Well-being®, a philosophy that promotes prevention and overall wellness as a priority for our aging population, is put into practice each and every day at Integra through informative and dedicated training programs. With courses such as the Clever Companion, Senior Wellness Practitioner and Quick Start Chair Massage, Integra College educates professionals with the skills needed to become trusted advisors to their clients.

Additionally, Integra College offers a Build Your Wellness Practice Program that prepares new wellness business owners to successfully launch their careers and private practices.

Integra College is committed to educating the public in the aging process and in understanding the wellness needs of the Baby Boomer generation.

Integra College is at the forefront of The Age of Well-being®. The College is dedicated to helping educated professionals find their next inspiring career in retirement. By offering innovative, wellness-focused courses that train advocates to deliver respectful and intelligent services. Integra College is part of a movement that is reshaping how we define aging and health maintenance, and its graduates will be leaders in a new niche industry that changes the face of retiring and getting older.

To be a part of something bigger, learn more about our courses and register today, click here.

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