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Integra College was started in 2003 under the direction of Bob Hanley and Kathy Bell with the goal of helping educated professionals find their next inspiring career in retirement.

We chose to focus on offering short training courses that would enable our students to draw on their previous career skills and experience, so they could, in turn, make a meaningful impact in their communities and experience  meaning and purpose in the retirement phase of their lives.

Over the last 15 years, we have evolved our course offerings to specialize in short, online training courses that will prepare our students to enhance the experience of aging for seniors in their communities.

We did this for a couple of reasons:

1. It became obvious to us that governments and healthcare systems, throughout North America, were primarily focused on “illness” care for seniors. Little, if any, resources were being applied to preventative services that would empower seniors to work on their physical and cognitive health. This, in spite of an overwhelming abundance of scientific studies making the clear case for prevention.

2. The majority of our students were retired teachers, social workers, counselors, lawyers and librarians and there was a natural fit between their desire to find meaning and purpose in their retirement and their ability to draw on their career skills and experience, in service to seniors in their communities.

A win-win for everyone.

We coined the phrase The Age of Well-being®, to describe our philosophy of prevention and overall wellness as a priority for our aging population.

At Integra College we are about short course solutions to help our students make a quick transition from their previous career, to a fun and engaging activity in retirement.

Our innovative courses, such as the Clever Companion, Senior Wellness Practitioner and Quick Start Chair Massage, prepare educated professionals to gain the skills needed to become trusted advisors to their senior clients.

Integra College is committed to educating the public in the aging process and in understanding the wellness needs of seniors throughout North America.

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