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Entering the Age of Well-being

Motivational speaker and author Wayne Dyer said it best: “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

We are now entering a new era, we call: The Age of Well-being® and we’re reshaping societal attitudes toward aging – for the better.

The Age of Well-being® encourages people to choose not to fear getting older but instead to prioritize health, wellness and balanced lifestyles.

The most influential generation in history, the Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are entering their retirement years. Often dubbed “the consumer generation,” Boomers purposely choose to do things differently than their parents. From when they were teenagers, they haven’t been content to accept the status quo, they’ve redefined it, driving labor and housing markets, influencing cultural trends and introducing lifestyle changes with lasting impacts.

Why would aging be any different?

Boomers control the largest block of financial wealth in history, and as this dynamic population comes to terms with aging, their focus is shifting to healthcare and wellness.

Motivated to ensure they are healthy and happy as they age, and with the means to support this motivation, they are prompting a new era – defined by The Age of Well-being®.

The Age of Well-being® promotes prevention and overall wellness as a priority. It encourages people to champion their life stage, embrace where they are at and look for opportunities to enhance their lives – be it seeking out intellectual conversations, taking fitness/wellness courses, furthering their education or participating in social engagements. The Age of Well-being ® is not about “slowing down”, rather it is about finding balance – taking the time to pursue interests, being comfortable, and savoring all that life has to offer.

The Age of Well-being ® mindset has the power to fuel a whole new industry dedicated to helping people embrace aging.

New employment opportunities will arise from The Age of Well-being ®, and existing practitioners will need to equip themselves with a whole new dimension of skills to meet this growing demand. Education programs will also need to reach further to cater to this societal shift.

At the forefront of The Age of Well-being ® is Integra College. Founded by Bob Hanley and Kathy Bell, Integra College is dedicated to offering and creating innovative wellness-focused courses that train practitioners to deliver respectful, intelligent and compassionate services to their clients. With courses such as the Brain Booster Conversation Leader, Clever Companion, Seniors Wellness Practitioner and Quick Start Seniors Wellness Chair Massage, specifically-designed for seniors, Integra College educates their students with the skills they’ll need to become trusted advisors to their senior clients.  

Integra College is dedicated to educating the public and training high-calibre practitioners in order to help their aging clients flourish and enhance their quality of life.

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