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Designed by Integra College to equip wellness practitioners to interact with seniors in meaningful and compassionate ways, the Seniors Wellness Practitioner Program is the first of its kind in North America. Seniors Wellness practitioners are trained in our VitalityPlus© Coaching System, which works to support seniors to stay independent, healthy and happy during their retirement years


About the Seniors Wellness Practitioner Program

Senior Wellness

The North American seniors population is growing at almost four times the rate of the total population. In fact, according to government statistics, as of July 1, 2021 more than 25% of the Baby Boom generation, born between the years of 1946 and 1965, had reached the age of 65 or older.

Baby Boomers, often referred to as the most influential generation in recent history, are at the tipping point of affecting change yet again. As they age, their interests are sharply pointed at health and wellness so they can stay healthy and active. This alone will underpin a whole new industry dedicated to helping people embrace aging. New employment opportunities will arise, and practitioners will need to equip themselves with a whole new set of skills to meet this growing demand.

“Currently people over 65 years number 483 million in the world and by 2030 the number will reach 974 million. By the year 2025 approximately 18% of the world population will be seniors.”  Source: World Health Network.


With seniors wellness programs such as the Seniors Wellness Practitioner Program, Integra College is educating a new generation of wellness professionals, with the skills necessary to effectively support and empower seniors to flourish independently.


Details of the Course

The Senior Wellness Practitioner Program is six-months of self-paced study, focused on all aspects of seniors’ wellness, where practitioners are trained in Integra College’s VitalityPlus Coaching System. With this training, Senior Wellness practitioners can help seniors develop and implement lifestyle strategies that will empower them to remain confident, independent and active.

Through coaching, Seniors Wellness practitioners help their clients develop wellness strategies that will help them remain vital and flourish independently.

The Seniors Wellness Practitioner Program is a combination of online learning and practical wellness coaching experience with senior volunteers.

The Seniors Wellness Practitioner Program costs $1,997. Cdn, which includes the following modules:  

Introduction to the Seniors Wellness Practitioner Program (Introduction)
Principles of Professional Practice (Module 1)
Healthy Aging (Module 2)
VitalityPlus Coaching System (Module 3)
Professional Vitality (Module 4)
Effective Communications (Module 5)
Understanding Age-related Health Conditions (Module 6)

Students also have the option to take each module individually, at a cost of $397 Cdn. Please note: students must complete the  introduction and all 6 course modules in order to achieve certification as a Certified Seniors Wellness Practitioner.


With the population of developed countries around the world experiencing a surge in the number of seniors, there is a growing movement to help seniors “age in place”. This means providing them with the supports they’ll need to satisfy their wellness needs. This is an ideal time for Certified Seniors Wellness Practitioners, as the burden to support seniors will shift from the public sector to the private sector.

Graduates of this program will go on to become self-employed in their own Seniors Wellness practices. We are at the forefront of a new mindset towards the aging process, and predict that there will be a high demand for Seniors Wellness Practitioners in the future. This is due to the Baby Boomer generation, who are starting to retire and focus more on wellness, and overall health.

This new generation of seniors appreciates the value of wellness and taking personal responsibility and control for their own well-being. They also have the financial means to hire professionals who will support them to stay independent and active in their homes. The opportunity for new Certified Seniors Wellness Practitioners is to provide enhanced services to assist seniors to reach their own personal wellness goals. And, based on the fact that our senior population in North America will double in the next 20 years, we expect demand for seniors wellness practitioners to grow for years to come!

Registration Process

You can sign up for the Seniors Wellness Practitioner Program by clicking the Register Now button below.

You can choose to sign-up for the complete program (at the attractive bundle price of $1,997 Cdn.), or you can choose to sign up for the individual modules within the course ($397 Cdn per unit). Please note: students must complete the course introduction and all 6 modules in order to achieve certification as a Certified Seniors Wellness Practitioner.

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