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The Clever Companion Course
Bring your skills and experience as an educated professional into a fun and rewarding part-time career supporting the cognitive health of seniors in your community

You are an established professional who loves to work with people and make an impact in their lives. Your previous career experience gave you a strong background in guiding individuals, facilitating groups, and researching topics.

Now, the Clever Companion Course©  gives you an opportunity to use these skills in a challenging and exciting new career.

Join a very select community of practitioners who value lifelong learning, and the vital work of helping seniors retain cognitive function and stay sharp and engaged. 

World's Ahead Approach

The first of its kind in North America, the Clever Companion ® Course prepares practitioners to work with their senior clients, to support and enhance their cognitive and mental abilities, using our Worlds Ahead ® Approach.

Worlds Ahead ® Approach Defined

Today’s seniors are more independent and better educated than ever. Women, especially, have achieved career success and have held positions of authority like no generation before. The goal of the World’s Ahead approach is to train practitioners to activate and validate the wisdom and experience of their senior clients, to help them stay engaged as lifelong learners and healthy, contributing members of society.

Delivered online over a span of two months, our Clever Companion ® Course covers:

      • The World’s Ahead Approach to working with seniors
      • The wide diversity within the senior population
      • The latest science on cognitive stimulation and brain health
      • Ethics and professional practice issues
      • Effective communication and group facilitation skills
      • Resource building and session planning
      • Recruiting clients and building your own practice
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Clever Companion ® Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Clever Companion ® course will join a community of practitioners, who will share best practices and ever-expanding online resources, regarding cognitive enhancement services for seniors.

Clever Companions ® will work with their clients one-on-one or in a small group setting (maximum 4 people). By facilitating discovery and discussion on specific subjects of interest for the client, the goal is to challenge and engage the client to remain mentally and cognitively fit.

The course tuition is $597 Cdn


How is the online program structured?

The online program is two months long. You will receive structured online interaction with your instructor and support and training to build your own part-time, Clever Companion practice.

The course curriculum is as follows:

  • Module One: the Worlds Ahead Approach to Working With Seniors
  • Module Two: the Wide Diversity Within the Senior population
  • Module Three: the Latest Science on Cognitive Stimulation and Brain Health
  • Module Four: Ethics and Professional Practice Issues
  • Module Five:  Effective Communication and Group Facilitation Skills
  • Module Six:  Resource Building and Session Planning
  • Module Seven: Recruiting Clients and Building Your Own Practice

What is the cost of the course?

The course tuition is $597 Cdn.

Where can Clever Companions work after graduation?

You will work with clients one-on-one or in small groups. Graduates of the program will join an exclusive community of practitioners who share best practices and ever-expanding resources. 

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