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Building a Successful Seniors Wellness Practice Course


You’re ready to build your seniors wellness practice, or you want to take your established practice to the next level.

The Building a Successful Seniors Wellness Practice course will guide you through the process of creating a brand identity that resonates with the people you’re meant to serve and creating a marketing system to help you attract a continuous flow of new clients.

Based on the very successful Book Yourself Solid © marketing system, the Building a Successful Seniors Wellness Practice course is ideal for heart-centered, compassionate practitioners. 

Receiving knowledge and education in health and wellness is only part of the skills needed to become a successful seniors wellness practitioner. You also need to have the business skills to build a successful practice. Even if you’ve never built a practice before, this course will give you a step-by-step guide on how to build your practice with confidence!

About the Building a Successful Seniors Wellness Practice Course

Our Building a Successful Seniors Wellness Practice course is offered exclusively for wellness providers who are a starting a health and wellness business. It includes 40 hours of online learning combined with Book Yourself Solid® coaching sessions via phone and webinar.

Designed by successful business entrepreneurs who have experience running companies in the seniors wellness industry, Build Your Seniors Wellness Practice provides a solid foundation for a seniors wellness practice, and it will also help you find health and wellness business opportunities.

The course is made up of five modules:

  • Module 1: Personal Leadership
  • Module 2: Business Planning
  • Module 3: Building Your Client Base
  • Module 4: Marketing Strategies
  • Module 5: Start-up Essentials

Register today in the Building a Successful Seniors Wellness Practice course and begin the process of creating your ideal wellness practice.

The course costs $195 Cdn. For more information, or to register, check our FAQ or Registration sections below.

Build Your Seniors Wellness Practice Course Frequently Asked Questions

The Building a Successful Seniors Wellness Practice course provides exclusive professional support geared towards enhancing and boosting your wellness practice. The course includes an introduction to designing and planning a wellness business. It also addresses topics in the course such as business planning, developing a sales and marketing plan, and the basics for registering and setting up your seniors wellness business.

During the course, you’ll watch informative videos, perform transformational activities and progress through the world-renowned, Book Yourself Solid System for building a successful wellness business.

The course is comprised of 40 hours of online learning and progression through the Book Yourself Solid Illustrated Version textbook.

Upon successful completion of the Building a Successful Seniors Wellness Wellness Practice course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the attitudes and habits of successful business owners.
  • Understand the importance of designing a business in alignment with personal values.
  • Set business goals using a goal-setting framework.

Module 1: Personal Leadership

  • Success Mindset: Attitude
  • Success Mindset: Habits
  • Purpose and Passion: Start with Why
  • Values and Guiding Principles: Inner Alignment
  • Setting VITAL Goals

Module 2: Business Planning

  • Business Planning and the Visual Business Plan
  • Planning Your Business: Business Model Canvas
  • Book Yourself Solid®: Textbook Orientation
  • Your Ideal Client
  • Your Target Market
  • Identifying Client Needs & Desires
  • Personal Branding
  • Positioning: Develop Your Message
  • Connecting: Share Your Message
  • Market Research

Module 3: Building Your Client Base

  • Developing Lasting Client Relationships
  • Positioning Yourself as an Expert in Your Wellness Niche
  • Understanding the Wellness Sales Cycle Process
  • Wellness Pricing Models that Work
  • Having Authentic Conversations that Result in Sales

Module 4: Marketing Strategies

  • Networking Strategies for Wellness Professionals
  • Referral Strategies to Build Your Wellness Practice
  • Speaking from the Heart to Inspire Ideal Clients to Work with You
  • Creating a Compelling and Professional Web Presence to Generate Business

Module 5: Start-up Essentials

  • Options for Setting up Your Business Structure
  • Registering Your Business
  • Getting the Right Business Insurance

The Building a Successful Seniors Wellness Practice course is self-paced and can be comfortably completed in a few weeks. The cost is $195 Cdn.

Registration Process

Online Registration Form

Please click on the Register Now button below and complete the online registration and payment form. Once complete, your course details will be emailed to you.

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