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We’re Integra College, Canada’s leading online seniors wellness training college; and since 2003, we’ve helped caring and compassionate people make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors in their communities

Supporting the wellness needs of seniors is the fastest-growing area in health and wellness!

Wellness is a booming business

Baby Boomers have the financial means and motivation to pay for wellness services that will enable them to stay active and healthy throughout their retirement years. Choosing to specialize in wellness services that support the health of seniors is a smart move! 

Baby Boomers are re-defining the aging experience

Baby Boomers are embracing aging and they are re-defining what it means to be retired. They are determined to stay active, healthy and engaged and adopting a “wellness-based” lifestyle will be key to making this happen

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Our healthcare system is stretched to its limit

Our healthcare systems are under a lot of pressure. Meeting the medical needs of an aging population is stretching healthcare resources to their limit. The solution: encourage seniors to “age in place” in their homes for as long as possible, before they need to enter the healthcare system on a continuous basis. The only way to make this work is by providing seniors with the wellness supports they need to flourish independently. That’s where you come in!

Staying cognitively healthy and socially engaged is the best way to ensure a successful retirement

Supporting the brain health of seniors and encouraging them to be socially- engaged is one of the fastest growing areas of senior wellness and an effective way to help them combat their experience of loneliness and isolation

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